The majority of the campaign information is still hosted on my old site. There's a tremendous amount of content, including rough DM notes that I used when creating the campaign. If you click the "more" links below, you'll wander off into the dark, dusty corners of my server.


The Shadowlords campaign begins with your first level characters and takes them on a lengthy quest across Faerûn and beyond. Along the way, you'll meet up with interesting characters who will join you on your quest. Expect romance, intrigue, and a good dose of mystery.


The Dreamcatcher Campaign continues the adventure started in Shadowlords. The scene opens in Waterdeep, where you find yourself and your companions resting after your last journey. These modules are intended for characters around level eight, either solo or with a small group.


The story ends in the places beyond the world. Discover the mysteries of your origin and reclaim what has been taken from you.

NWN Campaigns

My Neverwinter Nights campaigns were a first attempt at modding a computer game. When I first heard about Bioware's upcoming game that allowed you to create your own stories, I was enthralled and immediately began to begin writing dialog, creating maps, and preparing for release.

Shadowlords was well-received, but it wasn't until Dreamcatcher came out that people really started noticing my work. Those were the crazy days of endless e-mails, getting job offers, and having the game show up in many gaming magazines.