DW1 - Highcastle

It is said that the first men upon Highcastle were cast out of Heaven when the Great War raged and floods swept the lands. Others claim a simpler tale of hard men struggling to survive war's aftermath. Highcastle was once a mountaintop, now an island isolated by storm and wave. The fishing boats dare not travel far through the storms that roam the sea, though the rain has quieted in recent years.

The hard work of your grandfathers has turned Highcastle into a small but thriving village. Several large farms grow grain and raise livestock to supplement the fishing that remains a staple on most tables. Highcastle now boasts a smithy, a tanner, a woodworker, and several other professions. Humans and the other races of men live together in relative harmony, banding together for their common survival. Luxuries are rare, but the people of the island are strong of heart and share freely among themselves.

Yet Highcastle holds a mystery that is so well known it is nearly forgotten. At the base of the island's mountain peak lies a door, hard metal untouched by the countless villagers who have sought entry. Some have given it fanciful names such as Heaven's Door, while most simply refer to it as the door in the mountain. Every child has played on the four pillars that stand outside the gateway, hoping to decipher the markings. Most adults simply think of it as a nice spot for a picnic.

DW2 - Beyond the Sea

There are few greater pleasures than a treasure map, a ship of one's own, and a brisk wind in the sails. Yet all sailors know that Lady Luck is a fickle mistress, with fortune preceding dispair like the wind before the storm.

Port Brighton has long been considered as the center of civilization, at least by those who call it home. There are many amenities and even more intrigues and plots. A clever man might find himself in the service of Lord Brighton, but an even more clever man might ally himself with the Pirate King, dwelling in the shadows of the city.

Beyond the sea are the islands of the world. Upon each rock the survivors struggle and earn their living, unearthing what riches they can from the time before the Cataclysm. It is said that a beggar could leave in the morning with a map and a spade, returning home with gold enough for a king. Some also say that such pursuits are a fool's errand, best left to pirates and heroes.

DW3 - Hell to Pay

For every tale there is an ending, though perhaps not kind or sweet. Some may claim it is the journey that makes the story, but it is the final chapters which all remember. In life, the best that one can hope for is to pen a few passages before the book is done.

"It is hard to say, looking back, how my journey took me here. The sea of fortune has its own logic, with currents and gales beyond the understanding of men. I have many regrets, but none so much that I failed in my duty. Though tonight I hang, the Queen shall still come."

- Captain Masterson, speaking from the gallows.

"Death is a debt we all must pay. "

- Pierre Marley, Port Authority

Dark Waters

Dark Waters is a three act campaign written for Neverwinter Nights 2. Features include flintlock pistols, a collectable card game, psionics, tattoos, earrings, lute playing, sailing ships, and more.