Dark Waters Album Released

July 24, 2009 by Adam in NWN2

Rob and Eshinee Veith just released the full Dark Waters album, complete with new songs that never made it into the game. You can find it here. I'd like to thank Rob for all his help over the years. Eshinee did a wonderful job playing Heather, and Rob spent many hours chopping up dialog and getting the music ready for the game.

I leave for England tomorrow, which should be a wonderful adventure for my son and I. Hopefully all the castles, Roman ruins, and jousting tournaments will inspire me. I'm bringing along a notebook in case I get an urge to write dialog for Dreamer.

I continue to get bug reports and am dutifully keeping track of them all. After I return, I'll try and go through the list and come up with a patch for the game.

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