Every End is a Beginning

July 20, 2009 by Adam in Dragon Age

Though Dark Waters is finally considered done and released, the bug reports have already started to trickle in. So far, most of them are familiar. Sometimes modules get corrupted for no particular reason. Occasionally there are issues with Robert not appearing in DW1 in the right place. Fortunately there are workarounds for both.

I'm starting a list of other bugs, and hopefully will get some time to investigate further. The timing of release is a little crazy, as I'm leaving the country for England this Saturday. Maybe I can find some time after my return.

Like with all endings, it also marks the migration of my hobby time to Dragon Age. I'm still under NDA and can't talk about the toolset itself, but I can talk about some of my activities around it.

The plot for Dreamer continues to come together and I spent some time this weekend writing dialog. As usual, I'm shooting for a mix of funny and clever, though I don't always succeed with either. I'm also starting to hear the characters' accents when I write the lines, which hopefully isn't a sign I'm becoming imbalanced.

When I'm off on my trip to England, hopefully I can draw inspiration from the place. I'll certainly have long plane rides to get some writing done.

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