You'd think that having a master's degree in ...

December 07, 2004 by Adam in NWN2

You'd think that having a master's degree in science would let me intuitively understand the mathematics behind reflective surfaces. Sadly, I still haven't gotten the thing working properly. Part of it isn't entirely my fault - the facing value of the mirror was 180 degrees from what I expected. Even when I flipped it around it reflected the light in a completely unexpected direction. I'll have to break out the pencil and paper again to try to figure out what I did wrong.

I've also been toying with an idea that I'm not sure will pan out. Ideally I'd like to get the dialog in a form where it can be easily translated, spoken by voice actors, edited, and so on. There's a handy GFF to XML translator that can take dialog put into NWN and export it out. From there I should be able to display it on a web page for others to see. Even more ideal, I could export it into a Dragon Age compatible format, saving me loads of typing. Well, we'll see. It may not be worth the fiddling for the moment.

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