I actually broke out the game and toolset las...

December 02, 2004 by Adam in NWN2

I actually broke out the game and toolset last night and did a little testing and debugging. I think after the lengthy debug process with Demon, I was feeling like I'd rather have electric shocks applied to my eyeballs than do more debugging. Fortunately that sense of dread seems to have worn off and I was able to get things done.

Mostly I worked on a prototype for a mirror puzzle. I got things mostly working - the mirrors moved around okay, though reflections didn't work quite properly. Hopefully I can add some more debug code today and see if I can get it working. Ideally I'll be able to prototype the more complicated parts of the game in NWN so that it's easier to implement when Dragon Age really comes out.

The other thing I'm working on, something I've fiddled with for months, is a ship-to-ship combat system. I've waffled back and forth between turn based and real time, debating how complex I really want it to be. Yesterday I tried to break the problem down into much smaller steps, starting with simply getting a ship to move around an ocean properly. Just that is likely to take a week or two to get working properly. Lots of hard problems.

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