Mapping is hard

November 19, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Mapping is hard. I've gone through several drafts so far and have yet to come up with a firm layout for what I want to do. Part of it is that the map has to support the plot, which is reliant in part on the map, so I end up going back and forth with the design. I'm slowly getting there, but it's taking awhile.

I just got a note from someone asking if my modules could be translated into Russian. I'm always happy to expand my world domination plans and hopefully I can set things up with my Dragon Age campaign to be easier for translators. If I'm really ambitious, I can get translators working before the module is released, though it's sometimes hard to round people up.

On a personal note, the notebook I use to scribble down my ideas is nearly filled up. It was one that my stepfather used for his work as a chemistry professor. When he passed away a couple years ago, there was something special it and I haven't been looking forward to switching to some boring store bought notebook. My mom was going through things and found an identical blank one. Nice how these things work out.

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