I'm over 11,000 words in my campaign document...

November 12, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I'm over 11,000 words in my campaign document, most of it dialog. I do worry sometimes that the beginning of the campaign will be a bit dialog-heavy, though it seems necessary in order to set the stage for the various characters. I'm trying hard to interject some excitement and exploration in there so people don't doze off too badly. It's a tough balance.

I actually played a little bit of Neverwinter Nights the other day. This is a rare thing for me, as it's almost painful for me to touch the game after so many months of grueling development for Demon.

The first module I played with my son, who's five years old. I was looking for something combat heavy and came across the highly rated The Lord of Terror. It's basically a recreation of the first Diablo, complete with images, music, and voice over ripped straight from the game. I'm amazed that the lawyers at Blizzard haven't demanded it be pulled down yet. Still, it's fairly fun, though fairly straightforward. The gameplay quickly came to Sam's fighter clearing the room of critters, then spending the next 30 seconds or so picking things off of bodies and opening all the barrels. I imagine it'll be something we play as co-op from time to time.

I also ended up playing Shadowguard, one of Bioware's new premium modules. I'm only about 45 minutes into it, but so far so good. There's nothing that stands out in particular, but the scripting, dialog, and story are consistently good. My only complaint so far is that many of the themes seem familiar, but perhaps that's just the nature of fantasy roleplaying games.

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