One of the nice things about being away from ...

October 31, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

One of the nice things about being away from home and my computer for a few days is that it gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my notebook. I've filled several pages with tiny scrawls for my Dragon Age campaign. My main push now is mapping out the main "dungeon" in the module. So far I feel pretty good about it, offering up a variety of puzzles, backstory, and roleplaying opportunities. I'm trying hard to provide a rich experience, with each room having interesting things to do and see. I'd much rather have players rewarded for investigating areas carefully than simply rush them through a series of room and combats.

Yesterday I finished up the main entrance level, though I'll have lots of dialog and detailed notes to put in. I may even prototype one of the puzzles in NWN as the scripting is somewhat complex. One of the nice things about having a couple of years before a module can be put into a game is that it gives me lots of time to write. For the avid readers out there, I'm hoping for plenty of backstory in journals, signs, and notes scattered about.

Hopefully today I can work on the second main level, at least getting the mapping done. So far I've been making lists of rooms I need to arrange as well as the major plot events. I'm having fun with splitting up the party and letting the various NPCs and PC interact in their smaller groups. Should be fun.

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