Every once in awhile I get a weird idea and h...

October 04, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Every once in awhile I get a weird idea and have to test it out. I wanted to simulate a soccer-like game using a creature for a ball. After about 15 minutes of scripting, I had it generally working. Now I'm trying to recall my high school trigonometry, thinking about how to write AI to get shots into goals. In a sense it's a prototype of a small minigame I'd like to do for my Dragon Age campaign, though we'll see if it really works out.

I also noticed that Demon only has around 16,000 downloads (Dreamcatcher 1 has over 115,000). Part of it is probably due to Dreamcatcher being out for so long, allowing people to download it multiple times with each new version. It may also be that the NWN community is slowing down a bit, with the people playing it now being the most hardcore.

In general, I think there's a big value in getting modules out soon after a game is released, which encourages me to get everything ready for a Dragon Age campaign. I think once people finish the game, they look around for other things to do. If there's nothing of interest, it often gets uninstalled after six months or so and forgotten.

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