Epic battles are a big pain

August 17, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Epic battles are a big pain. Mine is working better than before, slowly getting all the troop movement around. I've opted out of making them henchmen. Though you get some familiar ways of controlling them around, it also comes with some odd behaviors. Here's a shot of my test PC dying and returning to the spirit gem with everyone in tow. Fortunately I've got all the troop scripts from the Struggle area, which work reasonably well.

Still, progress moves forward and I feel pretty good about the decisions I've made. It should be doable with a bit of work. I have more dialog to write, another cutscene or two, and a bunch more scripting. Then it's test, test, test until the bugs go away.

It seems I have a new deadline for finishing this up. The folks who are reading latest PC Gamer are starting to send me e-mails with questions. I'm not sure about its readership, but it's likely to get busy for awhile.

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