Cutscenes seem to take forever to put together

August 16, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Cutscenes seem to take forever to put together. That didn't stop me from doing that over the weekend. I have everything up until the grand finale feeling pretty solid. The end still needs plenty of scripting and dialog. At the moment, I'm trying to figure out why my "resurrection" script is crashing the game. As usual, I'm probably trying to do too many fancy things all at the same time.

I thought long and hard about the way the end of this little mini-expansion is going to go. Though it'll be up to the community to decide, this feels much more satisfying than the previous one. There's something satisfying about killing a bunch of stuff for some reason.

Update: I've discovered that the new PC Gamer has Shadowlords and Dreamcatcher listed under the "Must-Play Mods" in their NWN article. It's not long:

Together, these two campaigns make up an epic storyline that begins with first-level characters in Shadowlords, taking them across the land of Faerun and beyond. Dreamcatcher picks up at around level eight, where you start out in Waterdeep with the rest of your party. (You don't have to play Shadowlords before playing Dreamcatcher, although the story will make more sense if you do. A Dungeon Master will appear at the beginning of the Dreamcatcher campaign to raise the level of your character if he doesn't meet the requirements.)

Already I've started getting e-mails from people. I haven't checked for a long while, but it seems that there have been 109,000 downloads for Dreamcatcher 1. Whew.

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