Yesterday went much more smoothly after I mad...

August 06, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Yesterday went much more smoothly after I made a conscious effort to mellow out a bit. I think the upcoming patch fixes the dreaded library spirit gem issue, as well as putting in more "just in case" scripts for spirit gem problems and ritual of form problems. The latest version also has a completely new sewers area without the walkmesh issues. I'm running it by a tester, making sure the new patch doesn't break anything major.

The bonus ending is coming along nicely as well. It tends to be more traditional - linear and combat heavy, but that's what I'm hearing people are wanting, at least for the end. I'm also giving people some more peeks at places around the Planes, which is fun.

Even more importantly, my wife thought I was being much less grumpy.

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