I opted against plucking my eyes out, though ...

July 30, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I opted against plucking my eyes out, though it is tempting at times. One of the testers was having multiplayer bugs, nasty ones that prevented him to progress in the game. The particular scene worked fine for me, of course. I added a failsafe so that if a particular trigger didn't fire, they could still get through the area.

This is pretty much the last thing standing in the way before I release. There's a number of minor issues, but I've decided to ignore them as the bugs are so rare or inconsequential that I don't want to slow things down.

With luck, I'll hear word today on whether my fix worked or not. If so, I'll start the final release process. I'm not sure if Maximus works weeekends to put together a release thing on the Vault. If not, it'll hopefully be Monday.

Ah, the joys of game development.

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