The last 24 hours have been very productive

July 24, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

The last 24 hours have been very productive. First off, I made some changes to the card game that made it much more challenging. Instead of a semi-random deck that each NPC would have, I hand-picked each card for their deck. It made a huge difference and I won about half the games using a standard starting deck (before I'd win most of them).

I also fixed the endlessly painful issue with Anera's AI. The fix was quite simple, if bizarre. I changed one of her cleric domains from Good to Death and it worked just fine again (since she's a cleric of Kelemvor, this actually makes sense). I'll have to see if the same fix is needed for Shadowlords/Dreamcatcher Anera. Very weird bug.

Finally, I spent several hours yesterday making even more magic items to be sold in one of the main armories. Everyone wanted more Demonic weapons, which can be improved with training, so I added longswords, shortswords, and daggers. I also added some bows for archers, and some magical armor for players with a little cash to spend.

There's a handful of bugs left, most of which are pretty minor. I'm going to throw out the latest build and see how it goes. Not much longer now!

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