The e-mails have started coming in - people w...

July 20, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

The e-mails have started coming in - people wondering when I'm going to release it. "When it's done" is the easy answer, but since I'm more casual about such things, I'll explain my thinking a bit more. The current build is pretty good, with most of the major bugs fixed, many of the balance issues taken care of, and a fair number of extra goodies added where people felt there was something missing.

There's some bugs still coming in from the testers that I'd like to fix. I'd also like to do a final run through to make sure there's no game-stopping bugs. So, it's a matter of doing those things and polishing it up to the point where I feel pretty good about it.

That may be this week, or it may be next. Soon, though.

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