I'm mentally preparing for a final testing pu...

June 25, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I'm mentally preparing for a final testing push to finish Demon, gathering up lists and checking them twice. Managing big groups of testers is always a bit of a hassle - getting files to people, making lists, and so on. Before everyone and their dog e-mails me asking to join up, the current plan is to use a small list of people who have tested my modules previously.

I read that Rick Burton of Twilight/Midnight fame was being dissuaded by bogus voting over on the Vault. I had a hard time getting started on his modules, but there was some extremely good work in there too. Over the last couple years I've had my moments of frustration dealing with negative comments and wierd behavior. It's a shame that the community might lose someone so well appreciated by so many.

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