I spent a bunch of time yesterday getting the...

June 11, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I spent a bunch of time yesterday getting the Royal Palace terrain into the Sigil exterior tileset. It was mostly a retexture, though I had to raise the height of everything and tweak a couple other things. For the most part I think it turned out fairly well. I'm quite happy that I won't have to wait for the tileset to be finished and that CODI's given me the go-ahead to release before they finish Foundations.

I seem to get an offer every couple days to beta test the module. Well, I have a little something for those of you, a test file that has the Tainted model. Danmar is reporting crash bugs, which I'd like to fix. There's also some animation problems that I discovered this morning (polearms have an odd animation where it's not held properly). Still I thought I'd put this version in front of people who'd like to poke at it for awhile.

Feel free to report any bugs you find. If it's a crash bug, include anything that might be relevant - what expansions you have and so on. I'll hopefully be able to fix the polearm/quarterstaff animations today and update the version I have.

I also got the new tileset into the game, along with some other miscellaneous things. With luck I'll be able to work on some Sigil tileset bugs today, along with the new module (I have endless dialog to write). I've also got to strip out the Stem and Mortuary tiles from the tileset, which has a side benefit of shrinking down the size of the hak pack.

Update: I think I fixed the crash bug with the test Demon file. There's still some issues with the two-handed weapon animations that'll I'll be tweaking later. Thanks to all who helped out today.

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