Well, I redid the beach textures and they're ...

May 05, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Well, I redid the beach textures and they're better, though not quite perfect. The line between the all wet and the transition tile is gone, though there still seems to be one with the dry sand. I'll keep fiddling with it, I suppose. I'd also like to fiddle with some of the extra beach textures, as some of the shells and such seem overly large.

The most exciting thing I did yesterday was play with Animesh for the first time. Just for an experiment, I tried creating some waves for the default water tile. Sure enough they started rolling away, looking quite cool. There seem to be some limits and issues with animesh. Shiny water wouldn't work at all, which was too bad. I may be able to fake it using another approach, though we'll see how easy it is to do.

With that test under my belt, I think I'll actually start working on the water part of the beach tileset today.

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