It was a bit of a madhouse yesterday as every...

April 20, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

It was a bit of a madhouse yesterday as everyone discovered that there was a problem with the Dreamcatcher4 hak pack I'd uploaded last week. There was an issue with the appearances.2da file that caused an important creature to become invisible and crash the game. All bad. Fortunately it was easy to fix, so everyone can replace the hak pack and continue on their merry way.

I've been living and breathing modeling tools for the last couple weeks. The Sigil tileset is slowly getting finished up. I have the "c02_*" tiles at the moment, the straight line of building tiles. There are thirteen of them and I have desparkled, filled gaps, created some new geometry, tweaked vertexes, and cleaned up a few texture errors. It's not particularly glamorous work, but the end result looks quite nice.

Most of the other tiles have been picked up by CODI modelers, so the tileset should go quickly. Batinthehat is retexturing the mortuary, the last of the big projects. There's a tower that Ghost made that we want to put in. After that, there's some more cleanup, a few minimap icons to make, verifying shadows are working properly, and then we can call it done.

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