I've been doing a mix of things as of late

April 16, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I've been doing a mix of things as of late. I got the camera movement into the Mechanus puzzle levels the way I want. It now goes out of the cutscene properly when certain events occur (e.g. the monodrone dies or stops moving). I'm pretty happy with the result, especially considering it's taken so long to get there.

I continue to assist the CODI folks with the Sigil tileset. I'm starting in on the buildings, trying to get them ship-shape. Mostly I'm cleaning up sparkles and gaps, and tweaking the walkmesh as needed. So far, I'm feeling good about progress. To get a really good view of Sigil and all the buildings, you can take a look at the movie they released. It even has the newest building at the end, never shown before.

I'm also trying to poke my head into the various IRC sessions happening around NWCon II. I'm pretty busy, but you might see a PIPBoy3000 floating about.

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