The other day, someone e-mailed me asking to ...

April 13, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

The other day, someone e-mailed me asking to give a general status update, so here goes.

I'm in the final stages of finishing up a new module titled Demon, sequel to the Dreamcatcher and Shadowlords campaigns. The majority of development on Demon is finished and I've run through the entire game to confirm it's possible to actually win (it took me several days of sporadic playing).

At this point, I'm helping the City of Doors Initiative, affectionately called CODI. Their goal is to bring Planescape to NWN, and they're creating quite a few pieces of content that I'm using in Demon. The biggest pieces are an interior tileset, which is essentially finished, and the city of Sigil's exterior tileset.

These days I'm working on the Sigil tileset along with a number of other modelers at CODI. I'm "desparkling" tilesets, removing the tiny gaps between tiles to avoid the background fog from seeping through and showing up as tiny sparkles. Yesterday I worked on roads and they are much improved, but not quite perfect. The geometry of the ground is fairly complex and I find myself moving vertexes about and seeing if it cleans up the issues.

I'm very much looking forward to the other modelers jumping onboard. I was chatting with Papermonk, the project coodinator at CODI, and it sounds like a whole bunch of very talented modelers will be helping with the tileset shortly.

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