I started in on minimap icons this morning

April 09, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I started in on minimap icons this morning. Not everything is textured completely, so I'm jumping the gun a bit, but it's a start.

I also spent a fair bit of time on walkmeshes for a handful of the tiles. They're not quite ready to go yet, as there's some other issues to deal with (shadows and animation loops). Still, I'm starting to feel like I'm contributing to the effort of getting it out of beta status.

The issues with the Vault were resolved yesterday and everyone should be able to download the Dreamcatcher hak packs once again. It turns out that there was indeed a problem with the Vault's upload scripts. It was chopping off the last bit of the file which made life tense for a couple days. It's amazing how many people are still playing Dreamcatcher after these many months.

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