Yesterday was suprisingly busy

April 06, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Yesterday was suprisingly busy. It does indeed look like the focus of CODI's testing is shifting to the Sigil exterior tileset. Though I admit to some trepidation, I think I'm okay with that. It's critical to getting Demon out the door and it does give me a little extra polish time. I worked on getting the transition meshes on the Sigil doors turning a nice shade of blue when you move your mouse over it. It's the little things that people notice.

I also combined my sigil.hak and Demon1.hak files into a single big hak. Hopefully that'll minimize confusion and errors during testing, as well as getting things closer to a final state. Bat's been updating the Sigil tiles like a maniac, so I moved over his latest work into the hak pack as well.

I also did some webmonkey work behind the scenes, setting up an IRC proxy so that I can talk to the CODI folks more frequently. It was technically difficult setting everything up - installing cygwin, apache, and cgiirc. Bonus nerd points for me.

Finally, I've been sitting on some hak pack updates to the Dreamcatcher series for too long. They allow Shifters to work properly and I just need to find some time today to update things. Hopefully I'll manage.

Update: Well, the Dreamcatcher hak packs are finally updated. All you Shifters out there - feel free to grab them. Nice to get that one off my to do list.

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