Well, I think today's the day

April 02, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Well, I think today's the day. The last of the big bugs involved issues with the Spirit Gem not working properly, so I tweaked some things and then tried dying and killing off my henchman a bunch of times. I think it's working properly now.

I also fixed a bunch of other minor issues, such as moving the shield node for the PC Tainted model down a bit. I also polished up the readme file and turned it into a Word and PDF document. A couple areas got some new placeables for ambiance's sake. Somewhere in there I also managed to make up a lengthy document for the testers, letting them know particular things to pay attention to.

There's a final fiddling I'd like to do with the music, replacing an older battle theme with one of Magnus' newer ones. That's about all I can think of before I FTP up all the hak packs, music, movies, and the module itself to the CODI site. It's actually quite a relief. If I'm hit by a bus, at least someone will be able to post the thing to the Vault.

I also took some time yesterday to fix the last of the .2da issues with Shifters in Dreamcatcher. I'll post them if I get some time today, otherwise it may be this weekend. After all the exitement for today is over, I need to find a way to help finish the Sigil exterior tileset.

Update: I just finished uploading all the files up to CODI's FTP server for testing. It turns out that all the files are a whopping 60 MB in size. For those of you on modems, you can skip the intro movie and music to bring it back down to a bit over 30 MB. Whew.

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