I rolled up my sleeves yesterday and started ...

March 26, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I rolled up my sleeves yesterday and started making some significant changes to the hak pack for Demon. The interiors are now completely redone, with the addition of corridors, minimap icons, and new loadscreens. It took awhile to integrate my custom tiles as well as remapping the interiors when the SET entries became out of order. Still, I'm happy with the results. I'll have to sneak in an interior or two with the new cooridors just to try them out.

I also continue to slave away on mapping out the main city. I have three of the four main areas mapped out and hope to finish the rest today. I have a bunch of "just for fun" interior areas that I'd like to plug in today as well. I'll probably make a few more before I formally end development as well.

Speaking of ending development, that day may be coming soon. I really need to find the time to do a full run-through of the entire game myself before I send it to testers. I also need to coordinate with RedR on the CODI team to get things organized for the testing process.

Somewhere in the madhouse that is my life I managed to configure the new web server. I'll probably have some downtime tonight where I swap around hardware and plug in the new server.

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