I unfortunately didn't get as much time to fi...

March 20, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I unfortunately didn't get as much time to fiddle around as I'd like, but I did manage a few new things. There's a neat fountain in the tileset, so I made it a bit more interactive. If you're hard on cash, you can try digging around in the mucky waters to see what comes up. Lots of fun.

This morning I also got the latest build of the Demon Card game into the main module. Testing has gone fairly well so far, so I was feeling lucky. I also wanted to test the scoring and trophy award system. It all seems to work nicely, though I admittedly didn't play all the games required to actually win (somewhere around 20 at the highest difficulty).

If I have some time today, I'd like to try livening up the main town a bit more, adding in the commoner/guard system the current test area has.

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