I'm a lucky, lucky boy

March 19, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I'm a lucky, lucky boy.

I feel for all the other folks out there who are wanting to play with the tileset while I'm secretly leaping about making giggly noises. I spent most of yesterday poking about, enjoying the little touches like the very large woman's bloomers hanging on a clothesline. There's lots of things like that. Batinthehat did an amazing job.

Papermonk let me know that I could start posting screenshots, so you have today's for your viewing pleasure. I got it into the game this morning, doing a quick test area just to make sure things are working properly. I'll do some more in the days to come.

As Bat and Papermonk have said, the tileset is at an alpha stage. It's not finished yet and there's plenty of work to be done. A few tiles are missing, there's some textures that aren't done yet, and none of the doors are yet in place. Still, what's there is quite solid. I've yet to run into walkmesh issues and there are only a small number of texture misalignments or gaps in the geometry. The variation in the number of building tiles is simply phenominal, with a huge range in styles of architecture. Yet again I commend Bat, Jupp, and the other CODI folks who worked on the tileset. It's lots of fun to finally play with.

My biggest sticking point at the moment is that the doors aren't in place. I don't really mind untextured geometry or minor visual tweaks. That's easy to work around. What's hard is not being able to put in the endless doors needed to connect all the areas in the city. I ended up fiddling with doors a bit yesterday, coming up with a thin door that works in the Sigil doorways (which tend to be more narrow than the usual sort). I've volunteered to help finish the doors, though I think Bat and Jupp already have plans in that direction.

In the meantime, I'll be mapping out the city in general, putting down some in-area placeables, events, and characters, and possibly adding some more interiors to flesh out the city as much as possible. It's simply too cool looking to ignore.

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