I spent a good chunk of yesterday running a s...

March 18, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I spent a good chunk of yesterday running a spellchecker against the module. It was pretty embarrassing how many different words I managed to spell wrong consistently.

Rumor has it that the Sigil exterior tileset has indeed been uploaded to the CODI FTP servers by now. Should that turn out to be true, I'll have quite the busy day integrating it.

It's also getting to the point where I should probably install the 1.62 patch. I usually give myself a couple weeks to make sure things are stable. There's a couple new goodies I'd like to get in Demon too, so that may be on the plan for today.

Update: The Sigil exterior tileset is mine . . . all mine!
After the giddiness passed, I began to poke around more seriously. There are some issues - missing textures, some GPF-producing tiles, and other problems. Still, it's amazingly cool. After years of wandering around in the same damn town, being able to travel through a completely new style of architecture is such a breath of fresh air. Bat let me know that screenshots were okay (within limits), so expect some pictures in the days to come. As another bonus, the hak pack so far is well under 10 MB with dss textures.

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