Debugging AI is a slow process

March 17, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Debugging AI is a slow process. It took me a good half hour just to figure out where to put my debug code. Jazael has done a pretty amazing job thinking of all sorts of contingencies, so the AI acts relatively smart, though the code is complex. I finally got it so it wasn't casting Dispel Magic and Elixir of Life quite so freely. Warp Reality was a tricky one as well, which I'm hoping it will no longer play when there's a single rat on the field. Boomerang shouldn't destroy everyone's cards any more, one of the more amusing bugs.

I've got one or two other pending issues from testers, but I think I got the big ones so far. I'll give them a few more days to play with it. If it all looks good, I'll post it to the Vault and integrate it back into Demon as the "final" version of the game.

I also managed to get more of that written dialog into the game. If I find the time today, I'd like to do a serious spellcheck run on Demon, hopefully picking up the worst of it before I turn the dialog over to an editor.

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