I hunkered down and did some testing last nig...

March 11, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I hunkered down and did some testing last night, coming to a couple conclusions. I need to do a lot more testing before I release it to the testers in general. I was able to stumble my way through the first part of the game, but the plot became unworkable when I found that I'd spawned a secret door backwards. Sadly there was no way to open it, so I stopped for the night.

I also realized that this game is big. Really big. I went through only a small fraction of the game, zipping through dialog, and it still took an hour. I suspect that the length will be at least five hours and possibly more. I'm not sure exactly as I've yet to play through the entire game at once.

I also worked more on my secret project yesterday, doing some animation work and poetry, of all things. I felt a little better about it compared to yesterday, though I do feel quite rusty with my poetic prose writing. Today I'll probably look at fixing the bugs I discovered yesterday, though many of them were easy enough to fix while playing.

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