It was an incredibly productive day yesterday

March 02, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

It was an incredibly productive day yesterday. Lots of hak pack work, fixing issues and adding new content. I wanted more special placeables to power up your spirit gem, so I whipped up a couple. My goal is to get enough so that players can build all the rooms, plus a few extra so that there's not a frustrating hunt for any that people might have missed. I'm still having some issues getting the proper crystal and glass look. I spent a good hour last night fiddling with things and might want to spend some more time. We'll see.

I also layed down the groundwork for getting the updated Demon Cards game in Demon. It took awhile, but I've updated the hak pack and added the scripts. I'm currently coordinating all the scripting issues with Jazael, trying to get a tournament of sorts in the game.

All that coupled with the Shadowlords update yesterday made me feel like I'm actually moving forward again, after a few slow days.

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