Yet more Spirit Gem fixes

March 01, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Yet more Spirit Gem fixes. It's coming along quite nicely now. I've got to tweak the number of "special items" you can collect for your spirit gem and weigh that against how many you need to create new rooms. I'll probably spend some time today adding new placeables for that purpose.

I also did some hak pack updating. It turns out I got overzealous with the conversion of .tga to .dss files and converted a few that I shouldn't have.

I have yet another update to the Demon Card game that needs a bit of packaging before sending off to testers. Yesterday was a bit nutty and I couldn't even manage that.

Update: I finally finished updating the Shadowlords modules. Many thanks to all the testers who lent a hand. If you're running into problems with Anera's AI or Jered following you, download the latest and restart the module you're currently on. Now I've just got to finish testing the Shifter issues with Dreamcatcher as well as the latest Demon Card game . . .

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