Off and on, throughout the day, I got all of ...

February 23, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Off and on, throughout the day, I got all of the 22 new cards into the game. It took quite a bit of time, creating the new placeable models, getting the cards in the game, then creating the creatures for the new creature cards. As it kept getting later and later, I finally managed to test some things out and fix a few bugs. There are so many new cards that I've only played with a few of them.

The picture of the day is of some of the new Mythic cards. When summoned, only one of these creatures can be in play at any time. There's also lots more enchantments and spells, such as the annoying Counterspell and the temporarily boosting Potion of Heroism.

I'm hoping I can get this to testers today. It may be awhile before I get the big bugs worked out, however, as there's lots of new changes. Jazael did a great job cleaning things up and getting the new cards in place.

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