I worked more on the Struggle yesterday, veri...

February 22, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I worked more on the Struggle yesterday, verifying that the good, evil, and neutral paths are all doable. I've been continuing to do some polishing, adding some dialog and scripting as appropriate. It feels good to finally wrap up this part of the game.

As my "to do" list is gradually shrinking for Demon, the Demon Cards game is keeping me quite busy. It turns out that his Internet connection died and he's been offline for awhile. The good news is that he did a huge amount of work and layed the groundwork for 22 new cards. It's still rough, however, so I'm hoping to release the 1.9 version tomorrow (the one with the dragon). It'll hopefully give people something to play with until the big 2.0 release. After that's stable, I need to reintegrate it back into the Demon game.

I'm still waiting for the Sigil exterior tileset, which I'm hoping will be alpha soon. Once that's together, I need to finish integrating all the hak packs into a single piece. Slowly getting there . . .

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