Yesterday was mostly Shadowlords day, as I co...

February 20, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Yesterday was mostly Shadowlords day, as I continued to work on fixes and tweaks. Months of e-mails about typos or weird issues were sorted through and dealt with. It was a nice feeling to finally get through it all.

I also did some work on the Demon hak pack, something I'd been wanting to do in awhile. I turned all the TGA textures I could into DDS textures, getting a huge reduction in space in the process. The hak pack for Demon will still be very large, but at least it's about half as overwhelmingly large as it used to be. The only catch is that about 1% of video cards don't support DSS textures, so I'll probably end up having to post the big version for those few people who have problems.

To give you a feel for the size of the hak pack, the main Demon hak pack and the Stem interior were reduced down to 20 MB compressed from around 40 MB or so. I still have to add in the Sigil exteriors, but hopefully that's not going to be too crazy. Optionally add in 20 MB of music, an 11 MB intro movie, and the 2 MB module itself. I'd guess somewhere between a 35 MB minimum to a 70 MB maximum depending on if you install the optional goodies.

As for today, I'm hoping Jazael gets in touch about the card game, as he currently has the latest version of the module. I gave him directions to make even more cards, so he may be going a bit crazy with it. I'd also like to work more on dialog for Demon. Hopefully a cafe mocha will inspire me as it usually does.

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