I was a very good boy yesterday, finishing up...

February 19, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I was a very good boy yesterday, finishing up the coding and dialog for the second Struggle area. I also put the multiplayer code necessary for the first part of the module. Neither is tested, but it was nice to get it in there.

I treated myself last night not by working more on Demon or the Demon Cards game, but rather by going back and fixing a host of annoying bugs that have plagued the Shadowlords modules as of late. I still get a steady stream of e-mails from first time players. The problem that's been bothering me the most is that Anera's AI went completely wonky after the 1.61 patch. I ended up recreating her character in all the modules that had the issue. I also cleaned up some henchman/following issues with Jered and the orc in Shadowlords 3. That being said, if there are any brave testers out there, please drop me an e-mail if you'd like to test out the improvements before I post it to the Vault.

It was interesting going back to look at the Shadowlords modules. They each seemed tiny in comparison to Demon, yet each of the henchmen had a ton of dialog. I'm at a point where I'm in a bit of a holding pattern with Demon - the Sigil exterior tileset isn't ready yet and the Demon Card game isn't quite stable enough to integrate with the game. There's still some hak pack cleanup I'd like to do, as well as more interiors in town. Still, with the time I have left, I'd like to put in some more effort into henchmen dialogs, which I've always felt were a mainstay of the campaign. We'll see how my time goes today.

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