The card game tweaks and fixes continue, thou...

February 14, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

The card game tweaks and fixes continue, though I'm making myself take a break this morning and focusing in on the second Struggle area in Demon. I've made some good progress, getting in journal entries and lots of battle scripting. I did have a slight issue with getting the wrong type of troops spawning in, giving myself a huge number of troops to slaughter the poor enemy leaders. With luck I can finish up this Struggle area this weekend, depending on my time and energy levels.

Once I get this finished, I'll be working on multiplayer, getting the card game integrated back into the main module, and finally getting the Sigil tileset integrated back into the module once it hits an alpha stage. I've still got a lot of cleanup work, such as trying to compress the textures in the hak packs, but it's nice to be able to count my main "to do" items on one hand.

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