It was really busy yesterday, scampering abou...

February 07, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

It was really busy yesterday, scampering about trying to get the Demon Cards game ready. Papermonk did a great job with the promotional graphics (like the small image here), I put together some more rules and text, then I had some coordination with Maximus on the Vault to try to get everything ready.

As luck would have it, Maximus ran into some problems with playing and I've been doing some intense testing and tweaking at the last minute. A few things were easy, such as adding a helper sign with dialog in the manage deck area, but there's a bug he reported that I can't seem to reproduce.

Once we get these issues nailed down, expect a release of the Demon Cards module, a file spotlight with rules and some descriptions of the cards, and finally the interview with some new screenshots from the Sigil tileset exterior. My stuff aside, the Sigil tileset looks fantastic and bat's furiously trying to get things to an alpha stage.

Magnus, always the perfectionist, has been tweaking the movie soundtrack a little more. I don't usually see a lot of direct benefit from having popular modules, but being able to attract extremely talented people is one of them. I think people will be quite pleased with all the custom music in the game.

As for Demon, I worked more on dialog yesterday, almost finishing the final henchman dialogs. Time permitting, I'd like to put even more in there. There are quite a few opportunities for tension with your companion and I'd love to be able to explore that a bit. Then again, I do need to ship this game one of these years.

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