Well, the video for the movie is complete

February 04, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Well, the video for the movie is complete. I did all the post-rendering work yesterday, tweaking frames in Photoshop then assembling it all together. It's a bit odd without any sound, though I think it will turn out quite nice once Magnus works his magic.

Papermonk got in touch with me about the Demon Card game. I'm embarrassed to say that I deleted his first e-mail when cleaning up my usual 100+ e-mails for penis enlargement, cheap drugs, viruses, and get rich quick schemes. He did some spiffy graphic work putting an intro together and I passed him some text on the rules. Hopefully it won't be much longer (though you're probably getting tired of me saying that).

I think the Module of the Year award is starting to have an impact. I'm getting a surprising amount of e-mail from people with questions, problems, and comments about the game. Some days I feel like I'm tech support to the world.

I worked a bit more on the module yesterday, adding in the dialog I wrote yesterday and starting the groundwork for the new Struggle area. Mostly I got the NPCs into the game, though there's a few to do yet. Hopefully I can pull off an epic battle of sorts, though large scale engagements are always a bit tricky.

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