Well, it's official

February 02, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Well, it's official. It looks like Dreamcatcher won Module of the Year. I suppose I have to admit to being flattered, especially when there were so many great modules up there. One of these days I need to hunker down and finish playing them.

I spent much of yesterday testing and fixing the Chen Village area yet some more. I won't certify it Bug-Free, but it's definately Bug-Lite. No more naked villagers except when you end up ruining their armor after a clumsy repair attempt. There may be a tiny bit of tweaking I'd like to do, but it's feeling pretty close to done.

The movie renders are finishing up faster than I thought. I think I'm down to about 10-15% of the movie remaining, though they're the most computationally expensive frames. I think the issue is the shadows, which get very quick to draw once the sun drops down a certain point. Hopefully it'll finish up in a day or two.

The one remaining area is the second Struggle, which I'd like to get started today. After that, it's adding the card game, multiplayer support, a bit more flavor dialog, and eventually integrating the Sigil tileset once it's released. Slowly getting there.

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