To borrow a quote from Twain, "There's lies, ...

February 01, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

To borrow a quote from Twain, "There's lies, damn lies, and release dates." I remember long ago when I had a hope that I could get this monstrosity finished by the holidays. It just seemed to get out of hand and I'm only now trying to wrap things up. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that my finish date is a month or two out, though it depends on how testing goes.

Speaking of testing, it seems I spent most of this morning hanging out with naked villagers. Yesterday I discovered that there were some very significant problems with the good and evil paths of the Chen Village area. They wouldn't level up during training, their weapons and armor didn't improve and if they did, they wouldn't equip it. I think I have all those things straightened out at this point. Now I've just got to fine tune some of their responses to spoken text, then it's on to fixing the bandits.

The movie rendering is coming along nicely. I'm over halfway done at this point so hopefully I can finish up with the video part of the movie this week. I overclocked my main computer up to around 2.2 Ghz (it's an AMD chipset), and it seems to be handling it nicely. Render times are still bouncing around, but I managed to finish one frame in two and a half hours last night.

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