The new heads look great in the game, adding ...

January 31, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

The new heads look great in the game, adding considerable flavor to the Struggle areas.

I've been doing a number of miscellaneous things recently, adding in the demonic weapons that you can train with, adding in some shop keepers, and fixing some bugs. I finally got that pesky Spirit Gem bug fixed. It turns out I wasn't being careful about resurrecting the player before I teleported them. Dead people can't have any actions performed on them.

I think I have the last chunk of the movie finished, with a suitable flaming title. The sunset renders seem to be going faster for some odd reason, though it's still a few days out before that finishes up. I'll size it, add the titles, then turn it over to Magnus to add the music. Great fun.

If I have any time today, I'd like to work on getting the new version of the Demon Card game integrated into the module. It still has my old version, which is a bit buggy and has fairly different rules.

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