More testing and cleanup yesterday, fixing a ...

January 30, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

More testing and cleanup yesterday, fixing a number of little dialog bugs that I didn't notice in some plot-critical conversations. I also added a number of flavor people, having fun with Coulisfu's oriental heads. I worked a bit more on the second Struggle area, getting in the last of the areas. Soon it will be time to put down the npcs and start scripting them, not to mention all their dialog.

I've also worked more on the movie, getting the post-processing done on the first six-second chunk. I'm also working on the title, trying to get the flames just right. The animated version is far cooler, though it's taking awhile to get perfect. The only movie piece I'm waiting on now is the six-second sunset, which takes 4-6 hours per frame to render. At 90 frames, that's a lot of processing time. I think I'm a third of the way there.

Finally, I got a chance to see some screenshots of the Sigil tileset in the game. Batinthehat has done a great job as usual and he's slowly gearing up for an alpha release so I can start getting it in the game.

For those of you wondering what the scoop is with the card game, I'm in the same boat as you. I was working with Papermonk over at CODI to do a production of sorts around it. Unfortunately he hurt his back and hasn't been in touch. One of my "to do"'s for the day is to try to get that organized as it's been sitting around far too long.

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