Yesterday was a day of lots of little things

January 29, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Yesterday was a day of lots of little things. I did the post-production work on the second six-second movie scene, sizing it to 800X600, putting in the text, and adding fades. I worked more on the characters in the second Struggle area, creating dialog, equipment, and getting them in the toolset. I spent more time on the first fifteen minutes of the module, tweaking the camera and adding in some more flavor. There was also a ton of new items to create for the new store I added, which is often time consuming if the descriptions get elaborate.

I noticed that coulisfu added some Oriental heads, which may find their way into the module.

I still have an annoying issue with the spirit gem not working properly. It seems to work great once or twice, then stops. This screenshot is from my testing this morning. I must have died twenty times, simply reappearing where I fell instead of in my spirit gem. I'm probably not copying variables properly somewhere along the way. In a way, it's nice to move more towards the testing phase, though it's often more frustrating than the development. Lots of head scratching and putting in debug code.

The first chunk of the movie should be done rendering and ready for post-production work today. I'd also like to continue work on the second Struggle area, putting in yet more scripting and such.

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