I've got my little "render farm" cranking awa...

January 24, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I've got my little "render farm" cranking away at the movie. I broke it down into smaller chunks that three computers should be able to do over the weekend. It's just the first of three landscape shots, so this could become a fairly regular weekend activity for my computers.

I put a little more testing last night, fixing the dreaded "player shows up naked" bug. Those are always fun. There's still a long list of bugs, many critical, so I've got a ways to go yet. Hopefully today I can get more testing time in.

I'm planning something a little special for the second Struggle area involving custom animations. I worked on post-climax dialog for some of the commoners. Since everything changes I didn't want them to talk to you in the same way. Slowly getting there.

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