Endless bug fixes yesterday

January 22, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Endless bug fixes yesterday. I spent a surprising amount of time with the climax of the game, trying to get it working the way I want. It'll be a challenge for sure, though the really hard part is avoidable for those who choose another path. I'm finding that some of the end areas are still a bit bare. I need some more "flavor" NPCs to liven the place up. Perhaps I can work on that today.

I fixed some major AI problems. I had neglected to update the henchmen AI with the new 1.61 version. I had to touch some of the major AI code in order to get the custom spell casting script working (e.g. "cast fireball on wizard"). It's much better now.

There are still a fair number of pending bugs. The most major is that of respawning and the spirit gem. The way it works is complicated and I need to sit down and carefully go over each step to see what's wrong.

I also put in some of the dialog for the second Struggle area. I'd like to start in on scripting next, though we'll see how that goes. I may also need some custom creatures, though it's of a sort that should be easy to whip up.

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