I spent a bunch of time playtesting last night

January 21, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I spent a bunch of time playtesting last night. It's somewhat daunting how many things are broken. I ended up ripping out most of the henchmen death scripts and I think I have things fixed. The spirit gem isn't working more than once, which probably involves issues copying variables. There's a bunch of other small things like that, and some major ones. I was having serious AI problems with the henchmen, though I'm hoping that's something to be fixed in a patch.

Still, there were a number of encounters and minor scripting things that I think I've fixed now. That part feels good.

I finished up the weapon skill scripting, though there's one minor bug to resolve. It's pretty neat when your skill goes up and all the properties on your weapon change. Hopefully today I can fix some more bugs as well as put more work on the second Struggle area. Should be fun.

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