Well, it turns out I wasn't quite as finished...

January 20, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

Well, it turns out I wasn't quite as finished as I thought. I had forgotten about the demon weapon system I had envisioned, which involves being able to wield certain weapons in demon form for greater effectiveness. Fortunately it wasn't too hard to put together and I got the tricky part done yesterday and this morning.

Normally, it's a fairly clumsy weapon. If you switch to demon form, the penalty goes away and you can improve your skill with it over time. Eventually, it becomes quite powerful, possibly even better than other magic weapons you'll find in the game. It was my first time playing with item properties, which turns out to be a fairly powerful set of functions. The weapon's abilities change if you equip it, unequip it, or change form. I'm also setting the "no drop" flag when you're wielding it so you can't just turn around and sell it for large amounts of money.

I also got the new version of the Oriental tileset in the game, hoping to start fleshing out the second Struggle area shortly. I also did some general cleanup, running a full build on the game and getting rid of any garbage that showed up.

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