I spent some time yesterday bug fixing and fi...

January 19, 2004 by Adam in NWN1

I spent some time yesterday bug fixing and fiddling with cameras. Some of the bugs are huge ones, so it'll take awhile for me to get through the game. I'm also hoping that I can get the Sigil exterior to play with soon, as Omelas just doesn't have the proper impact with the traditional city exterior. I added some henchmen comments for each time they die. Unfortunately I can't test it properly as resurrection only works once. More things to fix.

I think I've settled on having a second Struggle area using the Oriental tilesets. I need to work the newest version and the interiors into the hak pack and do some general planning. I think that'll be the last new area in the game, with the possible exception of duplicates to support multiplayer. Slowly getting there.

Finally, Magnus updated his site with a download for the new asian theme. Give it a listen to if you're interested.

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